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Leonard CNC Software specializes in custom software solutions for small shop / home shop CNC users.

We write Mach3 macros and plugins and we also sell custom artwork and software for CorelDRAW.

Now available for CorelDRAW V12, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X6 64-bit

The DXFTool Standard Edition and the DXFTool Professional Edition are utility programs that provide very high quality DXF files for use in CAD / CAM programs. They are also very useful for Laser and Vinyl cutting systems that use DXF files since text handling is optimized and you do NOT have to ever convert your drawing to curves. The advantages of these tools are provided by conversions of the bezier curves in CorelDRAW to LINE and ARC DXF entities only. What this means is that instead of a large number of very short lines the DXF file has as many smooth curves as can be made from the CorelDRAW shapes in your drawing. The DXFTool Professional Edition has four types of exports.

The Artwork Optimizer Standard Edition performs sequence / stacking order optimization in CorelDRAW. What this means is it rearranges the objects in a drawing so they can be processed in the optimum order for cutting on a vinyl cutter, laser or CNC cutting system. The optimization of the cutting order speeds up cutting and in the case of the vinyl cutter also improves accuracy.

The Nesting Tool Standard Edition offers you cutting solutions by performing automatic layouts of a number of closed shapes onto a sheet. It allows you to cut the maxmium number of your desired closed shapes and dramatically reduces your material waste.

Our CorelDRAW Hosted CAD / CAM application is called DragonCNC and has many unique features including fully automatic multi-tool pocketing.

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